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The Henry B. Plant Museum

The Henry B. Plant Museum is a historical museum located in Tampa, Florida, that was originally built as the Tampa Bay Hotel in the late 19th century. Today, it serves as a window into the Gilded Age and the life and work of its founder, Henry Bradley Plant.


The museum is housed in the south wing of the University of Tampa’s Plant Hall, the former Tampa Bay Hotel, which is a National Historic Landmark. Visitors to the museum can step back in time to experience the opulence of the Victorian period, with original furnishings, artifacts, and exhibits that tell the story of Tampa’s early rise as a city and the role Henry B. Plant played in its development.


The hotel was constructed by railroad magnate Henry B. Plant and opened in 1891. Designed in the Moorish Revival style, it was a premier destination for celebrities, politicians, and dignitaries of the time. During its heyday, the hotel featured new technologies such as electric lights and telephones. After serving as a hotel for many years, the building became part of the University of Tampa in 1933 and later the museum in 1974, aiming to preserve its history and legacy.


  • Architecture: The museum is known for its distinctive minarets, domes, and cupolas, and is considered an excellent example of Moorish Revival architecture.
  • Rooms: The museum features 14 exhibit rooms that have been restored with historical accuracy.
  • Collections: The museum’s collection includes original furnishings, art, and artifacts from the hotel’s active period.
  • Events: It hosts a variety of events, including the annual Victorian Christmas Stroll.


The Henry B. Plant Museum is located at 401 W. Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33606, on the University of Tampa campus.


More information about the museum, its history, and current events can be found on its official website: www.plantmuseum.com.

Opening Hours

The museum’s opening hours tend to be from Tuesday to Sunday, with hours varying by season and event schedules. It’s advisable to check the museum’s website or call ahead for the most accurate information.

Things to Do

  • Self-Guided Tours: Walk through the museum at your own pace, with an audio guide available to enhance your experience.
  • Docent-Led Tours: Join a tour led by knowledgeable docents to gain deeper insight into the history of the building and its artifacts.
  • Special Exhibits: Visit rotating exhibits on various aspects of the Gilded Age and Henry Plant’s impact on Florida’s development.
  • Educational Programs: The museum offers programs for school groups and educational tours.

Tips For Visiting

  • Parking: There is ample parking available near the museum, including on the University of Tampa campus.
  • Photography: Check the museum’s photography policy, as flash photography and tripods may be prohibited inside the museum.
  • Accessibility: The museum is accessible to visitors with disabilities; however, due to the historic nature of the building, some areas may be less accessible than others.
  • Events: Look out for special events, such as the Victorian Christmas Stroll, which offer unique experiences of the museum.


The Henry B. Plant Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into Tampa’s history and the luxurious lifestyle of the Gilded Age elite. Through its meticulously preserved rooms and exhibits, the museum educates and entertains visitors from around the world. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an architecture aficionado, or simply looking for a unique cultural experience, the Henry B. Plant Museum is a Tampa treasure not to be missed.

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