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Al Lopez Park

Al Lopez Park is a tranquil oasis within the urban area of Tampa, Florida, offering a natural retreat with a variety of recreational facilities for the community. It is named in honor of Al Lopez, the first Tampa native to play Major League Baseball and to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.


The park is located in the West Tampa area, not far from Raymond James Stadium and St. Joseph’s Hospital. Its address is:

4810 N Himes Ave,
Tampa, FL 33614,
United States


  • Size: Al Lopez Park covers approximately 132 acres.
  • Features: It includes a large pond, walking trails, picnic shelters, playgrounds, and a fishing pier.
  • Accessibility: The park is designed to be accessible, with paved paths and facilities that cater to individuals with disabilities.
  • Community Center: The park also houses a community center that can be used for various events and activities.
  • Wildlife: The park is a habitat for local wildlife, including various bird species, providing opportunities for nature observation and photography.

Website Link

For more detailed information about Al Lopez Park, including park rules, shelter reservations, and any special advisories, visit the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department’s official website:

TampaGov – Al Lopez Park

Opening Hours

Al Lopez Park is open daily from sunrise to sunset. Certain facilities within the park, such as the community center, may have different operating hours.

Things to Do

Active Recreation

  • Fishing: Enjoy catch-and-release fishing in the park’s pond from the fishing pier or shoreline.
  • Walking and Jogging: Utilize the park’s paved trails that wind around the pond and through the park’s natural areas.
  • Sports: Engage in various sports activities with available fields and courts.

Family and Group Activities

  • Picnicking: Reserve a picnic shelter for family outings or group gatherings.
  • Playgrounds: Let children play in the park’s safe and well-equipped playground areas.
  • Bird Watching: Bring binoculars to observe the variety of bird species that inhabit the park.

Relaxation and Nature Enjoyment

  • Wildlife Observation: The park’s natural setting provides habitat for many wildlife species, making it a great spot for nature observation.
  • Photography: Capture the beauty of the park’s landscapes, flora, and fauna.
  • Leisure Walks: Take a leisurely stroll to relax and enjoy the serenity of the park’s environment.

Tips For Visiting

  • Parking: There is ample parking within the park, but it can fill up during weekends and events, so arrive early.
  • Reservations: If you plan to use a picnic shelter for a group event, it’s best to reserve in advance.
  • Pets: Pets are welcome but must be kept on a leash, and owners should clean up after them.
  • Weather: Be prepared for Florida’s weather, which can include sudden rain showers or intense sun.
  • Facilities: Take advantage of the available restrooms and water fountains to ensure a comfortable visit.
  • Safety: Always observe park rules for a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Al Lopez Park is a cherished green space in Tampa, providing a wide range of activities suitable for individuals, families, and groups looking to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re interested in sports, nature, or simply a leisurely afternoon in the park, Al Lopez offers a peaceful environment and well-maintained facilities. It’s a beautiful example of how urban parks can enrich the quality of life in a city, serving as a community gathering place and a sanctuary for both people and wildlife.

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